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Credit Jeeves helps car buyers like you learn more about your credit. This is a free service - sponsored by your auto dealer. If you have a signup code from your dealer, you're ready to get started.
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Your credit profile affects many aspects of your life. Your credit score influences home loans, auto loans, credit cards and even insurance. Some companies even check your credit before offering you a job.
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Credit Jeeves can help you sell more cars. We help potential buyers optimize their credit for your dealership's financing options. Don't give buyers bad news, give them a plan to achieve their dreams.
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    • Free Credit Score
    • Free Score Monitoring
    • Free Profile Summary
    • Free Action Plan
    • Score Change Alerts
    • "Ready to Buy!" Alerts
    • Easy to Understand Tips
    • Identify Potentially Negative Items
    • Easy Applicant Entry
    • Status Dashboard
    • "Ready to Buy!" Alerts
    • Rapid 24-hr Credit Rescore
    • CJ Credit Specialists